Telling Tales

Tracey Rosser 35-50

My Mum Colleen grew up in Penola as a child until she got married. She often reflects and tells me stories about growing up and that times were much simpler and kids were much more innocent.
The story illustrated in the sewing is of my mother Colleen and her friends collection honey for bee hives… Both aged 10
They watched I on Tv and saw that the man was covered up, wore gloves , had a net over his face and had shoes on – so they raided nannas wardrobe and collected a mid-length dress, lace gloves, a hat with a bit of netting and nannas high heels.
They knew there was a beehive next door and wanted some fresh honey, so they suited up and went over and did the same thing they saw the man on TV do. As they lifted the lid the bees swarmed and they were covered from head to toe with bees… They were screaming and running down the long dirt driveway towards the house to nanna with a hose to hose them off.
They ended up with fresh honeycomb and bites everywhere!