Telling Tales

Pam Hales 50-70

My little tale to tell, has passed down through our family from the 1920’s.
It is about Papa Doug, who being a young and energetic man, fell while drunk from the car park, on the tower hill, and come out, unscathed other than destroying his father’s borrowed suit. So, driving to Mount Gambier the first to see the hill, calling out “the first to see the hill Papa fell down is a winner.”
My second tale is about our lovely grandfather Ewald Otto Dahl, being a cabinet maker in Mount Gambier in the 1930’s reparing, making and restoring antique furniture was given the honour of making the handle for the spade that, in 1954, Queen Elizabeth the II, used to plant a tree for the opening to Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park entrance at the lakes which we carry with pride.