Telling Tales

Julianne Woodruff 50-70 4341/42

Mt Gambier is built on limestone and the action of water on this calcine stone has, over the years, created a system of caves, holes, tunnels and weak spots all over the city area with most connected in some way. The local wisdom says that one day the whole city will disappear into the underground world. Be that as it may there have been many incidents of holes appearing and things disappearing.

Many years ago my Father was digging a large hole for a septic tank. The hole was nearly large enough when suddenly the ground gave way beneath his feet. Only by jamming his feet and arms again the sides did he avoid falling into the cave that had appeared. There was plenty of space for the septic tank.

The connection of many of these caves was proven when dye was added to the water in one and observed in others. My slow stitch inspiration is the connectedness of all the waters flowing through our limestone and the cave systems it creates.