Telling Tales

Judith Paltndge 70+ 4322/23

Mary Stratford Nee Chuck Mary spent her entire life in Tarpeena. Born at Tarpeena in 1887. Died in Tarpeena in 1985. Mary married Bassell Stratford at Tarpeena in 1914, And moved to a farming property close to her parent’s’ home, where she remained until 1983. Her home was destroyed in the Ash Wednesday bushfire. She had nine children, and always had a huge vegetable garden. Secret on an old wooden stove and always had cake and a cup of tea for anyone passing by. Mary once told me that one of her brother’s had said that “ one day people would fly in the air”. she thought he had read too many comic books. “ but,” she said I have seen people land on the moon!” What a Wonderful Life