Telling Tales

Janine Norman 35-50 4293/94/95

The blue lake is a unique attraction of the south east. Mount Gambier’s water supply comes from the lake. A large crater lake located in a dormant volcano. There are conflicting dates of last eruption. 28,000 to 6000 years ago.

Countless myths and theories about why it turns a vibrant blue each year. Scientist’s state it is to do with scattering of impurities in summer other theories are to do with the water and solar elevation. The Blue Lake has mysterious properties.

Tourists have their own opinions including food dye and the reflection of the sky. Urban legend circulates thoughts it was bottomless. It is actually 70-75 meters deep. Another story mentions a cave but it has never been located.

I just think whatever the reason it is blue, we are lucky to live near it!