Telling Tales

Elliza Kentish Under 18 4320/21

The reason why I did a heart with people on it is because of all the friendly people hanging out together in special events. I live in kalangadoo, a place where it doesn’t have many events since it’s a small town. Mount Gambier however, since it’s a big town, it has a lot of events and every time I see an ad about it on TV or hear about it even on the radio I would tell Mum about it. Since Mount Gambier is a huge place, it got a lot of schools and two of them which are North primary and Grant High are the places I go to make friends and hang out with the people I’ve made friends with. But however the covid-19 outbreak took away the events we were looking forward to. it makes me sad about it. but the News says that some vaccine is being made right now meaning there is some hope, so If we follow the rules the government gave us, then that hope will be spread around the world as well as the Limestone Coast.