Telling Tales

Anne Johnson 50-70 4328/29

In 1965 we moved from Adelaide to Penola for Dad’s work with E&WS. Sunday drives were a favourite family time. often we would drive to the mount and Explore the town and various sites. this This stitch Square is made with love from a photo of my mum and dad on one of these Sunday drives. It was the first time my mum had let me use her camera and I was so excited that it turn out so well. I was 10 years old. the photo is special for another reason, two years later my dad died of a heart attack it is one of a few photos I have of my mum and dad together. we live in Penola for 2 years before moving in 1966 I loved my time here as a young girl. I moved back in 2007 to live what a wonderful region to live in.